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There I was all alone,

In the dark with nowhere to call home.

Stranded it appeared,

where am I? I teared.

The struggle I face,

Where am I? what is this place?

Stranded with nowhere to go,

What do I do? I don’t know

As I awake from this horrible place,

There is more I have to embrace.

By: Katherine Sammons


How strong is love?

Have you ever dreamed you could fly?

As high as the sky.

To vanish into the clouds above,

and become as elegant as a dove.

Soaring through the clouds made me feel free,

so i could believe that there was more to see.

Beyond what i had grow to know,

that he would never let go.

I saw a light in the distance that appeared above,

i knew he was my true love.

I am nothing without you,

For one day you will come save me, i know this to be true.

I will always wait for that cock, that will show me love,

for i am that dove.

By: Katherine Sammons

My Guardian Angel By: Katherine Sammons

My Guardian Angel   

I know your there
Watching over me
Whispering in my ear how much you loved me.
Seeing you in my dreams
Is like a book that never was told.
The memories are stuck deep
Within my heart.
Kissing balloons and sending them up
When I was tiny to show the love I had for you.
I miss you more than ever.
Now that I am older
My heart has began to imagine
What it would have been like.
If u were still here.
But I know your safe deep within the clouds of heaven.
I will always love you
And one day I will show you!