English 106 has been such a wonderful class. I am going to go over how the reading objectives really helped me be successful in this class.  They   overall really helped me to improve my overall literary skills.

1. Demonstrate the reading skill required for the student of literary text.

This class has really been beneficial to me. It has allowed me to understand and comprehend Old English poetry and to be able to translate it to modern day English. I am now able to do a deep reading of a poem and it helps me a lot to understand that is almost always a deeper meaning within a poem. I am able to pull out many different elements like signs of feminism, irony, symbols, imagery, theme, and setting.  All of these things helped me now to better understand the  poems that are in other time periods because it gives you a background.

2. Identify and/or describe some of the varied characteristics of literary texts.

I think i have mastered this element. I learned many of these elements in high school but i forgot how important they are to a piece of literature. Reading lenses during this course helped me to remember some of the terms but also taught me some new ones. The poetic analysis i did on Author’s Dreame and Fantasy really have showed me how much i have improved since the beginning of this course because i had no idea  on how to analysis a poem properly. Not only did this exercise help me to analysis poems but it also helped guide me into writing a few poems of my own.

3. Demonstrate orally, in writing, or by some other means, a fundamental ability to use some of the techniques and/or methods of literary analysis.

This portion of this class was a little difficult for me because we weren’t just looking at poems anymore we looked at songs, and other types of genres. When I analyzed the song, Just a Dream, it took me a couple of days to dig really deep into the lyrics to find a theme, a rhythm, repetition, and other aspects of poetry. I really struggled with this part because i feel like i need to use the skills i have learned this semester towards other things besides poetry and it hard when you haven’t done this before.  When i was looking at the song all i could do was sing it in my head and couldn’t focus on the actual lyrics. This is why it took me a couple of days to fully analysis this song but i think my end result turned out very good.

4. Identify and/or describe some of the various social, historical, cultural, and or theoretical contexts in which literary texts have been written and interpreted.

This section of the course was probably my overall favorite because it really gave the history of the authors and there poems. I found it very interesting that a lot of the poems we did were about a god during the mid evil period. When doing research for the authors and the period it really taught me the origins of poetry and how most of our literature was developed. During my spotlight poem analysis i really tried hard to provide all the information about the time period and the poems. I also thought it would be very relevant to do a post on the two first women in poetry, Anne Bradstreet, and Phillis Wheatley.  After doing this blog post on these to very important women i came to realize that during this time period many women didn’t known how to read and write. I also found it quite fascinating the Phillis was a slave and that she was taught how to read and write and her owners allowed and also financially helped her publish her first book. These post i thought were very important for my entire blog because not only am i providing you with poetic elements but also with some background behind everything.

In conclusion i feel i have greatly benefited from taking this class and having the chance to create my own blog . I will be recommending this class to all my friends because you really do learn a lot  about poetry and its origins. This blog really allowed me to explore and analysis poems on my own. I believe that i learned a lot more due to the fact that i had to use the skills i acquired in class on my own. It showed me a lot about my learning skills and how i can use them in the future with other works of literature. By doing this blog it has made me want to create my own personal blog and use all of my new acquired skills in writing.


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