Yesterday, I pondered all day long.
The dishes stacked higher and higher
Clothes accumulated everywhere
No effort to set things in order
While dreaming I lingered why bother

Today, I walked in vision.
Effort to set things in order was established
The dishes were washed and stacked in there place
Clothes were cleaned and fit in their space
While walking in vision all lack was erased

By: Albert Reed

This poem has a shift between the two stanzas the first stanza the speaker appears to be awake and in the second one they are sleeping and having a dream vision. I think this poem is free verse but also has a few rhyming couplets. There are a few words are repeated throughout both stanzas. I think the stacking of this dished are showing how much things the speaker has to do or could also mean anxieties that he/she has but cant face. In the vision all the dishes are back in place and everything was lifted and clean. I think this poem is mostly about internal anxieties that people struggle with and have a problem facing  because everyone has something they struggle with in life.  I think the dishes and cloths are used to symbolize the speakers anxieties and problems. There is also a lot of imagery that is used through out this entire poem. I thought this poem was very different and i think it has many different out comes depending on how you read it.


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