Something important..

Falling is another thing that appears frequently in everyone’s dreams.  This symbol can represent all of your anxieties about letting go of something,  or even failing at something you have worked so hard to achieve. This relates to my next symbol that appears in our dreams frequently and that is school and exams. School is a very important part of success we need it to have opportunity’s in life. Whenever you see school in your dreams it means that you display a need to know and understand one self. I think it also represents your desires and wants in life. Exams are simple a self evaluation. What i mean by this is your mind is being examined and the results show you which part of your life is not doing as well as other aspects. The dream image of an exam can really help you understand what you need to do to grow and become better.

The last and finally symbol i would like to talk about is missing some kind of transportation. I know it sounds silly, but it really has a very deep underlying meaning just like the poem we have been talking about over this term.  Missing a ride or flight to anywhere can reveal frustrations over missing an opportunity in your life. This type of dream images show during a time that you are struggling in life over something big.

I choose these images because they relate to me at this point in my life where i am making big decisions. Everyday i am working my way through school and reaching through my school.


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