Just a Dream

The Definition of a dream vision is usually a medieval poem. Which will have a framework in which the poet pictures himself as falling asleep and envisioning in his dream a series of allegorical people and events.

This song used to be one of my favorite songs about five years ago and this was only because i really like the rhythm  it had to it. When i was younger and this song became so popular i really didn’t realize the meaning of this song. It is a dream vision this man was dreaming of this girl he had falling for in this wonderful place, but when he woke up he realized it was only a dream it didn’t happen.

This song has many different rhyming couplets throughout the entire song. There is three different sets of versus with one course that is repeated five times through out the whole song. This poem has not very much imagery at all and i think that is because it is a hip-hop song. The entire song is talking about how he lost his girl and what he should have done to keep her. When i was doing research about dream images it is very common to dream about people and falling. I talked about this in a previous post and i think it ties into this dream vision/ song because he was struggling and he lost his opportunity to make things work between him and this girl. The man s regretting everything and talking about all the things he should have done.

Looking more into poetic elements i found one simile and it in the first line of the first set of versus, “I was at the top and now its like i am in the basement”. There is a lot of repetition of the certain saying and words like, “Just a Dream”, “now”,”but” and also the last stanza the line end in “up” or “everything”. When starting the line with the word “but”,  is compacting what he wants and what this mystery girl wanted.  Many of the words in this song are in past tense talking about the past and how he feels to this present day. i really couldn’t find a good rhyming scheme besides having a few rhyming couplets i think it is a free verse.  I think the theme of this song is regret and hopelessness that he will never have his love again.

I wonder if he knows this girl in real life? Has he ever physically meet her or seen her? I think this song is a very good explain of another way dream vision can be used besides in a poem.


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