My future

I have been having many dreams  about my future lately. I have been keeping a journal with certain images that i can remember from my dreams. Lately my dreams have been kind of intimidating because they seem like visions more than a dream.  I feel like for the first time that i finally know exactly what i want to do.

Words like Cottage, Family, Beach, Money, and Boss are most common in my journal. I just recently changed my major to Business Management with a minor in entrepreneurship and i also just signed up for next semesters classes.  The main reason i think i have been having these dreams is because i have been very concerned about my future and what i want to do in life.  I want to own my own business one day. The cottage i see in my dreams is on the beach surrounded by many tropical flowers that i pink, purple, and yellow with many palm trees. The cottage is on a very quite beach that is secluded. I am the word family comes up because i meet many different families in this dream wonderful individuals.  They all looked like the pre made pictures that are in picture frames that are for sale. I love to meet new people. I think Money and Boss come into my dream because i was paying the bills on this cottage and collecting payments from families. The word boss comes into this because i want to be my own boss and not have to take commands from others.

I have had this dream more than one time over the past few months and i keep having the same dream/vision. The one thing i think that stands out the most is not only do i get to meet new families, but i can see my family. This business that i planned to open i want to be family orientated. I plan to pass the business down to my children. My husband and I work very hard in this dream to make sure every family has the time of there life.  During the dream i can see my husband and my children in my dream helping me clean and prepare the house for the next family i have scheduled to stay there.

This dream/vision has really opened my eyes to the possibility’s that life has to offer.


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