My Dream/Nightmare

There are many parts of this dream that i can not remember. There was only a select few words i can remember and it was death,intimacy, baby, and people. I think this is what occurred in this dream as i put the pieces together.

When i had this dream a lot was going on in my life. There was a huge argument between my fiance and his mother in which things got very complicated and i was put in the middle of things. This dream occurred about a week after this incidence. After doing some research about death in a dream my findings were, that death represents dramatic changes occurring in the dreamers life.  It can also be a means of allowing the dreamer to escape. My fiances mother tries to be very controlling in the psychical world and tries to run our relationship. Luckily he knows this and prevents this from hurting our unbreakable bond between one another. My fiance and i have been together for four years ever since high school. We are getting married and planning our wedding so when i had this dream i woke up very upset and crying. I thought i had lost everything. During the dream she had killed me and took him away from me.

I then look up the meaning of people interactions in dreams and found specific relationships or interpersonal relationships that need to be worked through. i do not have a relationship with his mother anymore she ruined it for us.I also came across dreaming of your lover is very frequent in which is a symbolic symbol of oneself.  I had both of these happening in my dream in which  was fighting with someone and head over heels in love for the other. This also ties into the word sex, which in the dreamer world it symbolizes an  intimate connections with oneself and others. My fiance and i are very deeply in love.

One more thing that happened in this dream was a baby. My fiance and i want a baby and i think this is why it became present in my dreams. A baby represents something new like development or the potential for growth in a specific area of our waking life. I think this is something that became present in my dream because i am really passionate and looking forward to having a family in my future. The worst part about this dream is that she took my baby and my fiance away from me by killing me hoping that she could be apart of his life again.

All in all this dream was a nightmare and a dream come true, because i had married the man of my dreams and started a family. Then the nightmare struck in which i had lose everything in a blink of an eye. She had took everything away that was important to me. This dream was very scary for me in which i woke up in tears.


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