Dream Images what do we really see when we are dreaming?

This is a blog post about common images that appear in our dreams that many do not realize. I did some research on them all and was shock to find these answers.

Water is something that appears in our dreams with out us knowing what the real meaning could possible be. Water is essential to our survival we need it in our lives. The most common reason why we see water in our dream is due to the fact that in the language of mind water symbolizes physical change in our level of consciousness. Water can also be represented as our emotions that are being showed in the dream. This is a test at how well we can control them. For example the water could be cloudy, completely clear, calm, rough or polluted they can all represent different aspects of one emotions over time and can be different depending on the person.

School is something that i have personally had experienced dreaming about and it was not a good dream. In my experience i had failed a test and was very upset and crying this is all i could remember. I didn’t think dreaming about class would be so common. Surprisingly it is many people dream about some part or aspect of school. It faces you with a test that you are either ready to take our not. Another way school comes into our dreams is to show use that there is a chance for growth and learning in the psychical level of consciousnesses. Dreaming of school/class can be both rewarding and/or devastating in a way.  School can signify to the dreamer its purpose in life in the language of  the mind its self.

What is the reason a house would be present in out dreams? It provides us with comfort warmth, shelter, but why be present in out dreams? A house is a house right? I never would have imagined that a house would have such an important meaning in the world of our mind. A house represent the stages that our mind goes through. There are three main divisions of the mind conscious, subconscious and super-conscious. These stages all have sub-stages that the mind must go through in order to move to the next stage. The floors of the house represent different aspects of the mind and with this provides your mind with structure in which it uses for thinking. Closets in the house will represent the dreamers own self closed off, while bedrooms will represent intimate thoughts and emotions. Often the basement will be present and this could represent depression or neglect of ones self. Sometimes images like these appear in our dreams in order to present the dreamer with things that happen in real life that they may not be aware of or do not want to be known.

I was really amazed that these such basic elements of our life that we go through everyday could  have such an important impact on our dreams. There are so many other things we dream about and don’t really understand why we are dreaming about them. Doing this research on these dream images really opened my eyes to all the possibility that a dream can have on our life.


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