Edmund Spenser, “Sonnet 77” from Amoretti

“Was it a dreame, or did I see it playne?
A goodly table of pure yvory,
All spred with juncats fit to entertayne
The greatest prince with pompous roialty:
Mongst which, there in a silver dish did ly
Two golden apples of unvalewd* price,
Far passing those which Hercules came by,
Or those which Atalanta did entice;
Exceeding sweet, yet voyd of sinfull vice;
That many sought, yet none could ever taste;
Sweet fruit of pleasure, brought from Paradice
By Love himselfe, and in his garden plaste.
Her brest that table was, so richly spredd;
My thoughts the guests, which would thereon have fedd.”

Last wendesday during class we did a deep reading on a poem within our groups. My group chose to do Edmund Spensers, “Sonnet 77” from Amoretti. I did a deep reading on the first four lines of this poem. The WAS is in past tense a DREAM which is a noun. The OR is a big part of the first line because it is a option was it something he saw or only imagined in his dream? The word SEE is a verb that help with the choice provided. Moving down to the secound line A means one, GOODLY is a adjective that is used to describe the figure(TABLE). I had a heard time understanding what this line truely ment because i thought YVORY was just a color but i was wrong. I went online and did some research, it is a hard creamy white material that is made of elephant and walruses tusks. The table that is described in the poem is made from this and it isPURE. The third line the word ALL is an adjective that describe that SPRED composed of JUNCATS. Juncats is a sweet custard like sweet made with milk these desserts where placed all over this table. The word FIT is a Idioms and ENTERTAYNE is a verb which is giving the table reason with all the juncats. The last line GREATEST PRINCE, greatest is a adjective describeing the prince(noun). POMPOUS is an adjective that descibe the princes royalty. Pompous means a display of dignity and importance.

This exercise that i did during our class really benefited me greatly i feel as if only by these first four lines i have a better understanding of the poem than i ever thought i would have gotten. When you continue to do deep reading on the rest of this poem you will begin to really understand. Also doing some research on  Atlanta and Hercules will also benefit your understanding.


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